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Boogie Shoes: boogieelectrodiscofunk from 1981 to 1984 (English/português)

Well... The name of this blog is Boogie Central, so let's boogie:

A couple of years ago I recorded a set called "Boogie Shoes: boogieelectrodiscofunk from 1981 to 1984", with some of my favorite boogie tracks. For those who haven't listened to it yet, and looking forward to your honest feedback.


Bom... O nome desse blog é Boogie Central, então let's boogie:

Dois anos atrás eu gravei um set chamado "Boogie Shoes: boogieelectrodiscofunk from 1981 to 1984", com algumas das minhas faixas favoritas de boogie. Para aqueles que ainda não ouviram, e aguardando ansiosamente pelo seu feedback honesto.


Boogie Shoes - boogieelelctrodiscofunk de 1981 a 1984
Mixed by Benjamin Ferreira in August/07

01- Alicia Myers "You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say)" (MCA, 1984)
02- Fonda Rae "Over Like A Fat Rat" (Vanguard, 1982)
03- Patrice Rushen "Number One" (Elektra, 1982)
04- David Joseph "You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)" (Island, 1983)
05- Spence "Get It On" (Ariola Benelux, 1983)
06- Oliver Cheatham "Get Down Saturday Night" (MCA, 1983)
07- Change "Don't Wait Another Night" (Atlantic, 1983)
08- Jules Shear "When Love Surges" (EMI, 1984)
09- Midnight Star "Midas Touch (Instrumental Mix)" (Solar, 1984)
10- Gino Soccio "Who Dunnit?" (Atlantic, 1982)
11- Aretha Franklin "Jump To It" (Arista, 1982)
12- Michelle Wallace "It's Right (Instrumental aka Tee's Right)"
(Emergency, 1982)
13- Suzy Q "Get On Up (And Do It Again)" (J.R. Records, 1981)
14- Mary Jane Girls "Candy Man" (Motown, 1983)

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